Grant applications and international projects

Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research; Allianz Nachhaltige Universitäten in Österreich; PI: Helga Kromp-Kolb, Hans Stötter and Reinhold Lang; project duration: 2019-2021; project title: UniNEtZ – Universitäten und nachhaltige Entwicklungsziele (participation)

British Economic and Social Research Council; New Investigator Grant; PI: Thomas Allmer; submission date: 10 July 2017; project duration: 24 months; project title: The Digital University: Academic Labour, Digital Media and Society; total amount: £298,710 (unsuccessful, Panel Introducer score range: 5-6.9 – Good)

University of Edinburgh; Seedcorn Funding; PI: Thomas Allmer; submission date: 30 October 2015; project duration: 6 months; project title: Dynamics, Forms and Transformations of Academic Practice; total amount: £1,050 (acquisition, participation and management)

EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020; European Cooperation in Science and Technology Action; PI: Ursula Huws; project duration: 2012-2016; project title: Dynamics of Virtual Work (participation)

Austrian Science Fund; Stand-Alone Project; PI: Christian Fuchs; project duration: 2010-2013; project title: Social Networking Sites in the Surveillance Society; total amount: €267,284 (participation)

EU Framework Programme FP7; European Cooperation in Science and Technology Action; PI: William Webster; project duration: 2009-2013; project title: Living in Surveillance Societies (participation)

Professional activities

Co-Editor of tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique, 2023-present

Co-Director of The Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society, 2019-2024

Coordinator of Research Network 18 – Sociology of Communications and Media Research of the European Sociological Association, 2019-2024

Member of programme, organisation and review committees of conferences at Uppsala University, Sweden, 2012; University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK, 2014; University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 2014; Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 2015; Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, 2015; University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal, 2016; University of Zagreb, Croatia, 2018; University of Stirling, Scotland, UK, 2019; University of Manchester, UK, 2019; Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, 2022

Reviewer of books, articles and proposals for the following publishers, journals and organisations: Routledge; Polity Press; International Journal of Communication; European Journal of Communication; Critical Sociology; Learning, Media and Technology; Austrian Academy of Sciences; Academy of Finland; Westminster Institute for Advanced Studies; University of Westminster Press; Estonian Research Council; European Sociological Association; British Economic and Social Research Council; Palgrave Macmillan; Theoretical Practice – Journal of Marxist and Critical Theory; Postdigital Science and Education; European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology; Emerald Publishing; The Political Economy of Communication